Finland a global driver of the platform economy – Suomi2.0

The platform economy, ecosystem, MyData, artificial intelligence, data, Suomi2.0…what does it all mean?

The platform economy means a new economic sector in which a company provides a technological platform on which companies, individuals or communities can create something that produces added value. A good example is Airbnb (, a platform which enables people to rent out their own homes. Uber ( provides a platform on which a car owner can offer rides to other people. Platform users form an ecosystem, or community, on top of – and benefiting from – the technological platform.

Finland has set itself the goal of becoming a leader of the global platform economy. This country has a good basis for becoming a driver of the platform economy. We have world-class expertise in the Internet of Things and are pioneers in 5G technology. Finland is the first country in the world to implement the MyData ( concept. Finland also has exceptionally long time series of health data and a highly educated people, slightly skewed towards technology.  It is no accident that the Linux operating system originated in Finland. Together, we are creating a technology-friendly platform called Suomi2.0. An ecosystem of strong technological platforms will grow on Suomi2.0.

It is fascinating to watch the world, and now Finland, turn in the direction in which we have been heading for many years. At sites such as Otaniemi, VTT has innovations including a platform which gathers data on energy, building automation and electricity consumption. This platform is being strengthened by the Otaniemi Smart Energy Pilot Platform project now underway ( We are also helping to enhance a number of platforms provided by Finnish cities. Since most future platforms, data sources and sensors will be concentrated in cities, urban areas will be at the forefront of the transformation into digital environments. The digital, smart cities of Finland’s future will therefore create a platform on which we Finns can begin building powerful artificial intelligence – to help humankind.

In my next blog, I will focus on a single technology that is critical to the platform economy of the future, blockchain technology. The Googles, Facebooks and Amazons of the future may be built on blockchain technology, hopefully in Finland.



Mikko Tuomisto
Research Scientist, Interactive Buildings


(photo: Timo Riihimäki)

Platforms do not appear from thin air!

Towards new radical business opportunities: There is no single journey towards success in digital platforms– there are many ways to do it!

In the core of platforms are the products and services that link the actors together toward seamless experiences. This seamless service experience generates data from users, which can create new business opportunities for the platform owner or its partners when shared, integrated and analyzed.  Over boundaries of several platforms and their digital interactions, there is more data– wide data– allowing for integrating variety knowledge. And the sought-after, radically new business opportunities lie at the intersection of different data sets and sources. This is the plan, right? But how to get there?

Digital platforms are places for digital interactions where there are different value-creating building blocks.  These building blocks need to work together! So-called boundary resources need to allow for seamless technical and cooperative collaboration. For example, if your seamless customer experience benefits from microservices, those need to be accessible via APIs (application programming interfaces) that can function with your APIs.

If you have not explored the importance of interactions and boundary resources in your organization, the check‐list based on the insight of academic, industry and other stakeholders can be a first step for you!

More details about it can be found:

We all have to understand that the logic of the game has changed, and that all actors can’t be platform owners or providers. There is no single journey towards success in digital platforms– there are many ways to do it!


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Katri Valkokari
Katri Valkokari
Research Manager, VTT


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Professor, TUT


Kaisa Still
Senior Scientist, VTT