Customers and services should be the focus when developing digi-solutions

Manufacturing industry has become widely interested in developing digitalisation. Companies are interested in gathering data from existing devices and using it to develop new products and services. They want to get new ideas to the finish line quickly, while growth and internationalisation are on offer. But while technical solutions are being developed at a frantic pace, services are lagging behind. Companies remain unsure of how to create added value for the customer and what the customer is willing to pay for.


In industry, digitalisation is being exploited by connecting machines or devices to the internet and analysing, and combining the data obtained from them for business purposes. However, the customer only actually benefits from various value-added services. Technology-driven development of digitalisation can seldom respond directly to the customer’s needs. On the other hand, the service business perspective shifts the focus to the holistic development of digitalisation, by combining the service provider’s and customer’s perspectives with technological potential.

Developing digitalization solutions from this perspective ensures that added value is generated which the customer is willing to pay for. It is also ensured that the business, strategic objectives and services of the company supporting the services being developed can be implemented profitably in terms of its service processes and business.

When developing digitalisation solutions, consideration must first be given to business objectives and how the solutions fit with the company’s strategy. Specification of a business model aimed at target groups can begin after this, not forgetting the value promise and earnings logic. The technological solutions and information processes required for the services are also defined when designing and outlining the service processes. Quick experiments are conducted at the customer interface during development work; this provides a realistic picture of the viability of the business model, earnings logic and technological solutions under development.

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