The circular economy is a rough diamond with huge potential

Maria Antikainen VTT

The circular economy is a huge, rough diamond. It offers Finland an opportunity for economic growth and employment. We can switch to the circular economy via a series of innovation leaps. The key issue is a change in paradigm; doing things in an entirely new way rather than more efficiently.

The circular economy is a team game in which goals cannot be scored by going solo

A functioning circular economy is a complex and multi-dimensional system. The idea is to close the circle, but at ecosystem level rather than that of a single player. The circular economy is like a team game, where everyone has a certain role and the players need a keen eye for the game and great timing. This requires broad know-how and holistic management.

Examining systematic, holistic solutions helps us to see the wood for the trees. Circular economy solutions are complex wholes; goals are scored by the team, not individual players. On the other hand, if a player doesn’t hold up her end, this has an impact on the entire team’s performance. The forecasting, simulation and piloting of systematic impacts are important tools for understanding and visualising the consequences of solutions in the circular economy. Life cycle assessment is a good tool for evaluating environmental impacts. When analysing the impacts of solutions, the evaluation perspective must be broad and long, in order to identify solutions that are central in terms of their actual impact.

VTT offers expertise in various aspects of the circular economy diamond

In our publication, Policy Brief, we aim to serve companies and decision-makers by presenting the views, on the circular economy, of experts from a range of sectors. We understand that every circular economy solution has its own special characteristics and that various needs for change are highlighted. At VTT, we have presented the five issues that we consider to be central; these can be expressed in the form of questions:

  • To what extent are new technology solutions needed?
  • Do we need new business models?
  • What kind of change is needed in society’s structures?
  • What kind of collaboration development, or new partners, are needed?
  • To what extent is a breakthrough solution dependent on a certain mindset and behaviour?

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The five examples of the circular economy we present in VTT’s Policy Brief illustrate how different perspectives are highlighted, how multi-disciplinary skills are needed to promote them, and what kinds of economic opportunities they open up. With the help of inspiring, concrete examples, we want to spur Finnish companies on to think about their own strengths and challenges with regard to circular economy solutions and to take bold steps towards the circular economy. VTT provides a wide range of expertise in all areas. We can build new circular economy solutions together with our customers.

Maria Antikainen, Senior Scientist
Twitter: @MariaAntikainen

Senior Scientist Maija Federley; Senior Principal Scientist Juha Honkatukia; Senior Scientist Päivi Kivikytö-Reponen; Research Team Leader Johanna Kohl; Senior Scientist Jutta Laine-Ylijoki; Principal Scientist Raija Lantto; Principal Scientist Tiina Pajula; Research Team Leader Anu Seisto

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