Building the future: VTT’s research into the built environment generates innovations for a low-emission society

Thank you for joining the readership of our “Building the future” blog series. This series presents visions by our specialists of future building concepts based on robust research data.

In buildings 40% of all energy is consumed and they account for 30% of all emissions. The objective of VTT’s research into the built environment is to envision a low-emission society with spaces and buildings that provide comfortable and healthy environments for living and working.

VTT’s multidisciplinary research into the built environment is renowned in Finland and internationally. Innovations developed jointly in international research projects are adapted for efficient utilisation in Finnish conditions, with the results benefiting both Finnish society and the Finnish business sector.

This blog series contributes to bringing the results of research into the built environment to the attention of the general public. Blog posts are written by research scientists, and provide readers access to the latest research results.

You find all the blog posts here.

Riikka Holopainen VTT

Riikka Holopainen
Research Team Leader

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