Innovations enable sustainable growth


The world population growth has led to increased utilization of limited natural resources. On the other side, the demand for raw materials for industrial use is constantly increasing. This is a challenging equation with no easy solution. However, every challenge is an opportunity – resource wisdom provides the means to generate new businesses, to gain competitive advantage and to create totally new business models.

Resource wisdom is resource efficiency, if you like, it can also be interpreted as ”more from less”, meaning that less materials, energy and water is used in processes and production. Recycling of materials, components and goods is getting more and more attractive, also and especially from a business point of view. Industrial symbiosis, someone´s by-product or waste is crucial raw material for the other, represents new way of thinking and paves the way to wiser use of resources.   Resource efficiency is a crucial part of clean technology. The global cleantech market is growing rapidly and Finns possess the basic knowledge. That is why cleantech is part of the new government programme with high economical and societal expectations.

This all sounds good and promising by having a lot of potential to generate new businesses, sustainable growth, jobs and well-being. However, to make this happen there is a need for target-oriented research, technology development and innovation which can and will be successfully converted into products, services and businesses. Finland is known as a high technology country. We Finns have the ability to innovate.  In the recent Global Competitiveness Report 2014 – 2015 (by World Economic Forum) Finland was ranked No. 1 in innovativeness among 144 countries. But do we have the ability to exploit the outcome economically? Thus, innovation capability matters.

Cleantech is a growth area, which needs innovations. The Global Cleantech Summit 2015 is a forum for businesses, R&I and entrepreneurs to meet and to change ideas. Let´s innovate!

Anne-Christine Ritschkoff

Executive Vice President, Strategic Research


The blogpost was published 12.8. in the Global Cleantech Summit webpages.



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